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Humans and ghouls have been fighting for as long as human history can remember. Since the genesis of technology, the brink of the extinction was overshadowed by a boom in successful breakthroughs furthering the humans ability to fight the ghouls.

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    Giorgio Cervini III


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    Giorgio Cervini III

    Post by Maraan on Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:54 pm

    Basic Information
    Name: Giorgio Cervini III
    Rank/Rating: Rank 3 Investigator
    Character Description: Giorgio, Gio when shortened is a tall, skinny boy with black hair that barely comes past his eyes. His eyes are reminiscent to a dull blue mist and despite being skinny he has a pretty muscular physique when unclothed. His skin carries enough melanin to give him a slightly tanned tone to his body. When out on missions he wears his iconic mask(as seen below). Although he is 18 he has yet to show any sort of facial hair.
    Kagune: N/a
    Quinque: Yoru
    Physical Statistics

    Current RP (Rank Points): 15 
    Health: 1[E-]
    Stamina: 3[E+]
    Strength: 1[E-]
    Speed: 10 [B-]

    Kagune Statistics (Ghoul Only)

    Current RP (Rank Points): 15
    Fluidity: N/A
    Impact: N/A
    Length: N/A
    General Description
    Personality: Giorgio is a cold, calculative adolescent boy who rarely trusts anyone he first meets and keeps those he are close to on his radar. He also likes to test those he meets by aggravating them during conversation or the way he acts towards them. 
    Just so he can observe how they really are. This makes him appear rude to strangers and those around him, when really he is just gauging people's mind.
    One thing that is very prevalent in Giorgio's blood is the fact that he never takes order s from anyone, no matter their position. The only way he would is if he saw some underlying way to profit from it.
    He is mostly uptight when it comes to social interactions so he rarely ever laughs unless it is at someone else's expense.
    Self-Image: Giorgio is very aware of his current state mentally, he knows that all things he does are never without reason.
    Likes: Poundcake, Power, Rain.
    Dislikes: People, Ghouls, Sweet things, Heat.

    Reaction Scenarios: (describe how your character would normally think / react
    in these scenarios.)

    During Battle: Giorgio would analyze his opponent and think of the quickest way to dispose of them. If they are to strong he will flee from battle to keep the promise to himself that he would be the source of the CCG.

    During a Debate/Conference: He doesn't debate, what he says usually goes, and if this refers to someone who isn't directly under him he will do his own thing.

    Facing really bad odds: When facing death Giorgio will scan the battlefield looking for the most optimal way to escape.
    Your Past
    History: From birth Giorgio was going to be the source of the CCG due to his family, more specifically, his dad(Giorgio Cervini II) already being the source as his predecessor had as well(Giorgio Cervini). There were three other "royal" families, but his reigned from Italy and they were among the first if not the first to counter ghouls by creating quinques. They were known amongst the family to be doing experiments on ghouls while also having an odd familiarity with them as if they were people. Giorgio III, being groomed to become the new source was dropped into the politics of the families as soon as he could read. He would see the ghouls being experimented on and one in particular caught his eye. Eleven, the eleventh test subject of the Ghoul to Human Transfusion was nothing, but a child. Giorgio III was a year older than him, but at the time he was one of the only friends he's could consider "on his level". For Giorgio was a rude child, most of the children that were in his vicinity were nothing, but word-slurring, snotty-nosed brats, but for some strange reason Eleven was different. Even though Eleven was in a lower Caste than Giorgio was they could understand eachother and his father thought it would be a good idea to let his son understand his enemy and not to treat them as animals, but altered humans. One day, the same as any other day, Giorgio was headed for his daily visit to converse with his friend, but upon walking into the facility he could tell something was wrong. The facility was dark and the employees were gone. When Giorgio III went to the room Eleven usually stayed he seen a travesty no kid should ever witness. It was a massacre, blood was splattered on the walls like wet paint and the pungent smell of iron overrode his system. He began to throw-up. As he collapsed to the ground he could see Eleven running from the room frantically. Confused and filled with conflicting emotion, Giorgio III blacked out. Once he awoke he saw a white-haired kid staring into his soul meaninglessly with his yellow eyes. "Mommy, he is awake." The kid said unexcitingly. his mother jumped out of her chair where she had been sleeping and began to greet Giorgio III. Giorgio III, tried to move his left arm, but it had become extremely heavy, when he looked at it he could see that his hand and partial forearm was missing, but had been replaced with a metallic quinque. She began to tell him of all the things that had happened on that day sparing not a single detail and told him that it was time to grow up even faster than he already had to before. After that day he spent his time studying and playing with the annoyingly sarcastic boy. Now, at the age 18 Giorgio III has become quite the young man, he has a hatred for most things around him, the two families, ghouls, weak humans, you name it.
    Roleplay Sample (200 words+)
    Fuck no


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    Re: Giorgio Cervini III

    Post by Lyoid on Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:47 pm

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