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Humans and ghouls have been fighting for as long as human history can remember. Since the genesis of technology, the brink of the extinction was overshadowed by a boom in successful breakthroughs furthering the humans ability to fight the ghouls.

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    Axel Lichtenberg


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    Axel Lichtenberg

    Post by Zion on Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:48 pm

    Basic Information
    Name: Axel Lichtenberg
    : Rank 3 Investigator
    Character Description: Axel is a German Investigator in training with white hair and gleaming yellow eyes. He's 5'11 and reasonably lean, with a weight of 148lbs. Axel always looks rather annoyed due to the disinterested looks in his eyes. Being born in a noble family, he normally wears a white suit, which matches with his silvery, white hair.  

    Kagune: N/A
    Quinque: Yoru
    Physical Statistics

    Current RP (Rank Points): 15
    Health: 2
    Stamina: 2
    Strength: 3
    Speed: 8

    Kagune Statistics (Ghoul Only)

    Current RP (Rank Points): N/A
    Fluidity: -
    Impact: -
    Density: -
    Length: -
    General Description
    Personality: His father Magnus Lichtenberg has caused him to be a cold-hearted, arrogant person who loves to look down upon others. He shows no respect towards anyone, since he thinks of himself as superior to others. He's awfully sarcastic, and can be annoying towards people he highly dislikes.
    Self-Image: Axel believes that he's a cut above every other person. He calls himself the "Absolute". Being raised in a noble family gave him quite the high image of himself. He feels he can accomplish everything by himself. 
    Likes: He loves looking down on others, sleeping, sour candy, facing strongs enemies, sparring/training, and people who can handle his sarcastic jokes.
    Dislikes: Axel dislikes unnecessary input, country music, people that can't take jokes, and being bored. He highly dislikes taking orders from people weaker than himself. What he despises the most are liars.

    Reaction Scenarios: (describe how your character would normally think / react
    in these scenarios.)

    During Battle: Axel has immense speed and exceptional battle instincts, but doesn't know how to hold back in battle. Even though he thinks of himself very highly, and likes to look down upon others, he doesn't underestimate his opponents. He also might be arrogant, and sarcastic, but he is certainly smart, and very observant. At the start of the battle he analyzes his foe, looks for the weak spot, and tries to exploit it. If no weak spot can be found, he makes use of his speed and battle instincts to overcome his enemy.

    During a Debate/Conference: Axel is disgusted by conferences due to the fact that he dislikes taking orders from people other than himself.

    Facing really bad odds: Axel hates admitting defeat, even when he is facing bad odds, he doesn't retreat. He will think of any way possible to defeat his opponent, even if he has to use dirty tactics to win.
    Your Past
    History: Axel Lichtenberg was a young prodigy born from one of the three royal families. His family was well known in the CCG headquarters. Starting from a young age, Axel was already ahead all of his classmates in school, combat, and any other activities. He wouldn't listen to anyone but himself, because in his mind, his own orders were "absolute". Being ahead of everyone made Axel incredibly annoyed to the point to where he would make a laughing stock out of all his classmates, by displaying his superiority to them. The reason he behaved this way was because of his neglecting parents. They never gave Axel any attention, even when he was just a baby. They believed that their duties in the CCG were far more important. All he had from the start was himself. One day, during breakfast, Axel's father announced that he had to be somewhere for an urgent situation, but Axel didn't care not one bit. Continuing with his favorite breakfast, pancakes, his uncaring mother was keeping him company. Suddenly his mother got a phone call, which was very unusual for this time, but her facial expressions were vivid. After she hung up the phone, she forcefully grabbed Axel by his sleeve and dragged him into the facility where all the lights were currently out. As soon as the lights went back on, Axel saw something that a normal kid his age should never witness. It was the leftovers of a bloody massacre, but he remained unfazed by the sight of the blood-stained walls. His mother brought him over to see a child with black hair, about Axel's age. "His name is Giorgio", she informed Axel. Axel was slightly intrigued by him and waited for him to gain consciousness. After quite some time Giorgio was finally awake. "Mother, he's awake.", Axel said unexcitedly. His mother jumped out of her chair where she had been sleeping and began to greet Giorgio. Giorgio tried to move his left arm, but he struggled to do so. Axel was very disappointed by the sight of Giorgio struggling, but soon afterwards was very intrigued with this new discovery. Giorgio's hand and partial forearm was replaced with a metallic quinque, which amused Axel entirely. From that day on Axel spent his time studying, sparring and even playing with the quiet, yet interesting boy. Even though Axel despised the people from the families and the people around them, him and Giorgio became solid friends and could trust each other. "When we're older, we're going to be an unstoppable duo, right partner?", Axel declared. Giorgio nodded with a grim smile. Now they're both at the age of 18 with one big goal in mind. Taking over the CCG.
    Roleplay Sample (200 words+)

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    Re: Axel Lichtenberg

    Post by Maraan on Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:55 pm


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