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Humans and ghouls have been fighting for as long as human history can remember. Since the genesis of technology, the brink of the extinction was overshadowed by a boom in successful breakthroughs furthering the humans ability to fight the ghouls.

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    Basic Rules


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    Basic Rules

    Post by Lyoid on Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:20 pm

    Basic Rules
    1. Only one character per account. To create another character, make a new account.
    Penalty: Reminder

    2. All accounts must be named after their character. This is to help keep track of characters. 
    If your character dies, you can rename the accoutn to that of the replacement character. 
    (Unreasonable names such as "eowqelqwodl" or "lowelfowe2999" will not be accepted.

    3. Threads can be bumped, however you must wait at least 24 hours before bumping a thread, and must have a reason 
    to bump it. 

    4. Staff members have all the right to enforce the rules of this site. Should there be any abuse or loophole-exploitation,
    in a topic/post, the topic/post cannot be voided, and the exploitation rule can only be modified/fixed afterward. 
    Penalty: None

    5. Try to at least always post 50+ words per reply / make a reply have enough content that it's worth reading.
    Penalty: Reminder

    6. Don't endlessly spam curse words/swearing, unless it is in-character for dialogue/thoughts, or in a post. 
    Penalty: Reminder -> 1 day ban

    7. Godmodding is never allowed. Godmodding is the action of control another person's character and their actions.
    This includes hitting them via "authohitting". (Launching and attack and stating it lands before the opponent can even 
    state their reaction. 

    8. Do not post any adult content. This is against our host provider's terms of service, is rude, and possibly in some
    cases, it can be illegal.
    Penalty: Permanent Ban. 

    9. Your character must be approved before you can actually roleplay with them. In order to do this, go to the creation
    center and read through the character creation guide, then fill out the character template. 
    Penalty: Reminder

    10. Advertising is not permitted anywhere on this site. 
    Penalty for Mass PM: Permanent ban
    Penalty fot PM: 1 week ban
    Penalty for post: 1 day ban, ad in post must be removed. 
    Penalty for signature: 1 day ban, ad in signature must be removed. 

    11. Do not abuse/misuse the mass PM function by sending useless or filler messages, spam, etc. 
    Penalty: 1 week ban

    12. Do not harass or degrade any other member. 
    Penalty: (depends, but generally 1 hour ban)

    13. Place all your out-of-character comments in brackets in order to separate them from in-character actions in 
    your post. 
    Penalty: Reminder

    14: Before your character can leave from one ward to another ward, they must leave all topics from their previous
    Penalty: Void of travel to the new ward.

    15: Your character can be in a maximum of 3 threads at once as long as they are basic threads. However, your character
    can be in only one major/event thread.
    Penalty: Potentially voided threads

    16. Metagaming (the use of outside acquired knowledge in the rp in order to gain an advantage) is not permitted whatsoever.
    Penalty: Post void. 

    17. Be realistic with your character's actions. Your character cannot survive a strong kagune strike directly to the
    head/brain. Nor can your character dodge something 6 RP (Rank Points) above them in speed.
    Penalty: Post void

    18. All actions that your character performs must have a logical reason behind them. For example, you can't murder
    a bunch of random people because your character 'just felt like it'.
    Penalty: Post void

    19. After 48 hours in a topic, if someone has still not replied to the topic, you are permitted to skip that person's
    turn and continue with the post-order. If there are multiple people in a post, after 48 hours, it is the next person's
    turn automatically. If you are attacking a location/HQ of some organization and no one opposes you for 48 hours, it 
    counts as an automatic victory. If you post a message stating that you will certainly be gone for some period of time due
    to something reasonable, you may be given a pass from being 48-houred. Once you return, the 48 hours will begin starting
    with the next day. If you do not specify a date of return, you will still be skipped regardless. All members of staff
    will be given 72 hours before they can be skipped. This is because they have to manage the forum while also RPing their
    own threads. 

    20. Do not copy and paste any RP post, either prior or from another site, and attempt to use it here/use it again. 
    Penalty: Topic/Post void, variable-temp ban, perma ban. 

    21. All things made in the creation center must be approved before actual use in the RP. 

    22. Character suicide is allowed, however we do ask that you have some reason for their being killed off. It is quite
    tedious to have the staff review and approve everything for your character only to have it die randomly because you
    got bored of it.

    23. Flashback Topics are not allowed. However flashbacks can be used in a normal thread, though, they do not count 
    to any EXP. 

    24. Signatures may at max have 1 GIF image, and at most two pictures in your signature, this includes the GIF image.

    25. If your overall behavior is cancerous/toxic to the TGRP, you may simply be banned based off solely your behavior. 
    This behavior can include, but is not limited to, the public shaming or harass of members and staff, making the site
    a hostile battleground for others, or overall having an innate lack of respect. 
    Penalty: Warning -> The Ban

    26. Do not use characters from the Tokyo Ghoul manga, anime, or its spin-offs as a pfp/face-claim for one of your characters. 

    Word Bank:

    Void: The post you made no longer counts in the timeline of the topic it was written in. 
    In-character: Communication between the characters themselves. 
    Out-of-character: Communication between the players/controllers.
    Metagaming: Using out-of-characterk nowledge that your character would not know otherwise in order to get an unfair
    Autohit: Illogically claiming to have hit theo ther player's character before even giving them the chance to counter/
    Godmod: Controlling another person's character.

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