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Humans and ghouls have been fighting for as long as human history can remember. Since the genesis of technology, the brink of the extinction was overshadowed by a boom in successful breakthroughs furthering the humans ability to fight the ghouls.

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    Quinque Rules


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    Quinque Rules

    Post by Lyoid on Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:13 pm

    Quinque Rules

    Kakuhou Acquiring and Processing:
    1: Quinques higher than B-ranking must be made from an IC-Kakuhou.
    2: Only kakuhou acquired from a ghoul who died while their kagune was activated can be used to make quinques. 
    3: Extremely damaged kakuhou cannot be restored, unless the ghoul in question has regenerative abilities.

    4: When kakuhou are scanned at a CCG-HQ in order to make a quinque, its true rank / the origin ghoul's rating will be revealed accurately if it wasn't already.
    5. Quinques must have the same rank as the kakuhou they were made with.

    6. Quinques can only be made at a CCG-HQ, or a place with confirmed similar technology.
    7. All quinques, from the moment they are first apped, will take five days in order to be produced and packaged at the CCG-HQ.
    8. On a quinque, no kagune-ranking can exceed more than 3 RP / 1 letter grade of the quinque's overall rank.

    Determining Damage Dealt To Kakuhou:
    This is done by comparing the ghoul's health rank and the impact/strength rank of the attacker's blow. If the attacker's blow is 3 ranks above or higher than the ghoul's health rank, the blow to the kakuhou will entirely destroy and rupture that kakuhou, deactivating that ghoul's kagune, and subsequently making that kakuhou useless for quinque creation. 

    Titling Quinques:
    Example: "1SSS-U: Owl

    This represents the present of special attributes on the quinque. If there aren't any, this parameter is skipped. If there is 1 attribute, then a "1" will be added. If there are 2, then a "2" will be added.

    The rank of the kakuhou used is written here. 

    Kagune-Type is written here. "U" for "Ukaku", "K" for "Koukaku", "R" for "Rinkaku", "B" for "Bikaku".

    The CCG's Ghoul ID / code-name will be written here. If the creator knows the Ghoul's first name, they can use that as well.

    Attributes,  and Techniques:
    1. If the kakuhou came from a ghoul with an attribute, that attribute (if possible), will also be present in the quinque.
    2. All abilities require an AP cost.
    3. The stats/rankings of a quinque are the same as the kagune-rankings from the ghoul the kakuhou was acquired from. 

    A-rank quinque - can have 1 tech
    S-rank quinque - can have 2 techs
    SS-rank quinque - can have 2 techs and 1 form-change
    SSS-rank quinque - can have 2 techs and 2 form-changes
    Z-rank quinque+ - can have 3 techs and 3 form-changes

    Quinque Repair:
    Should a quinque be damaged, it will need to be repaired at the CCG HQ at 100 WC per hit counter. 

    1-4 Dagger
    5-6 Broadsword
    10-12 Longsword
    13-15 Katana
    16-18 Buster Sword
    19-21 8 meters
    22-24 12 meters
    25+ 16 meters

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