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Humans and ghouls have been fighting for as long as human history can remember. Since the genesis of technology, the brink of the extinction was overshadowed by a boom in successful breakthroughs furthering the humans ability to fight the ghouls.

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    Thread & RP Rules


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    Thread & RP Rules

    Post by Maraan on Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:23 pm

    When making a thread there are a few things to keep in mind, one thing being tags. Well, really there is only one tag and that is the private tag.

    Private Tag: This tag allows you to invite other role players to your thread without being invaded by an unwanted ghoul or CCG member. If a ghoul/CCG member is being hunted then a private tag can not be made and will be treated as if it is a normal thread.

    RP Rules
    Timelining(TL): A timeline consist of the first word of the topic from the last word of the topic. Timelining comes into play when your character is reacting to what another character has done.
                 Ex.) "Ishida gets up and balled his fist, he then throws a punch at Togashi at the speed of 69."
                        "Togashi sees Ishida ball up his fist expecting a punch, therefore dodging it."

    Therefore, Ishida's previous action of punching Togashi is cancelled and Togashi dodged the punch.

    3rd Person: All RP-based actions will be typed in "he did" or "she would". No, "I's, or me's"

    Deceptive Descriptions: When describing an attack do not make it seem as though it was something else entirely when that is not the case. The TL will be reset to before the attack happened and the one who was doing the deceiving will receive a warning(3 strikes and you're out).

    Vague Manipulation: This allows you to place small details in someone's post where they forgot to. You can not vague someone to slip or become naked etc.
                 Ex.) "Togashi kicks Ishida." 
    Since it is not specified where he kicks Ishida or with what leg Ishida could vague a couple of things here.
                 Ex.) "Togashi kicks Ishida's ankle with his left leg."

    Filler: No filling your post with frivolous detail that has nothing to do with what is actually going.
                 Ex.) Self explanatory

    Modding Rules
    Modding is a very delicate art and there are rules that go along with it. In order to become a mod you at least need a hundred posts and a deep understanding of the site. These will be the prerequisites for the application and then you will be evaluated on the application itself.

    • Mods can void a post or a topic unless it is there own, then another mod will be needed to void said post.
    • Mods can battlemod which is the art of coming to a conclusion of two feuding opponents in a topic that come to an agreement on who died or what is allowed and what's not.
    • Mods can edit the wiki and add things of importance to the wiki.
    • Lastly, they can approve topics that they have signed up for

    When a rule is broken in a post or topic voids are bound to happen. Just like the name, voiding completely gets rid of the post or topic and the rper must act as though it never happened. Mods are not the only ones who are able to void post, but they are the final word. When you, the rper are trying to void a post you must have enough proof and a solid argument in your post.
                 Ex.) "Ishida stabs Togashi in his neck, killing him instantly." Togashi voids this post by claiming godmodding and it would go something like this. 
                         "OOC: I'm voiding Ishida's post because he godmodded my character and gave me no time to react or do anything. Therefore, we shall go back to the nearest timeline before this incident."

    And that's it, you made it through all the rules! Good luck and have fun out there. Don't die ;]

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