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    Lyoid Juichi


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    Lyoid Juichi

    Post by Lyoid on Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:13 pm

    Basic Information
    Name: Lyoid Juichi 
    : D-rating
    Character Description
    Lyoid is a 17 year old guy with pale skin and blue eyes.
    Being physically weak as shit, he doesn't have much muscle. His hair is a light grey
    and very strand-like. He stands at 5/11''. Face-wise, he often has a blank stare
    that is sometimes taken for a death stare. He weighs 128 lbs. When not wearing
    anything in specific, Lyoid wears a red t-shirt, dark grey jeans and a dark grey 
    hoodie. Has the number "11" tatted on the back of his right hand. 
    Starting Location: 21st Ward

    Kagune: Ukaku / White and Grey
    Quinque: N/A
    Physical Statistics

    Current RP (Rank Points): 15 
    Health: 5/D
    Stamina: 4/D-
    Strength: 1/E-
    Speed: 5/D

    Kagune Statistics (Ghoul Only)

    Current RP (Rank Points): 15
    Fluidity: 5/D
    Impact: 5/D
    Density: 4/D-
    Length: 1/E-
    General Description

    Personality: Lyoid, regardless of the situation you throw him in, will find a way to turn it into another advantage.
    Being so adaptive, he accepts change and can easily consider opposing viewpoints or odd perspectives. Often, he
    works best alone, but can work very well in groups or even better depending on the people in said group. 
    His more laid-back side is very humerus and bizarre. In that state, you can expect him to say the weirdest shit
    possible. His more serious side, the side he's always in when alone, displays his driven personality, logic-based 
    decision making, and goal-oriented mindset. Expect Lyoid to notice the smaller details in a situation as he's naturally observant of what's going on around him, even in battle. 

    Lyoid is always glad to help a person, if his current position allows it. His can do / act any way he chooses. However, this requires breaking the "lock". The "lock" is a limiter on himself that stops him from doing or saying crazy shit. By mentally denying that "lock" he can fit any situation in a required manner to achieve his goal. Likewise, if he thinks long enough, he nearly always will come up with a 100% solid answer to any question he comes up with. 

    Self-Image: Lyoid views himself to be another person in the massive pool. But, due to his living life through his eyes and only his. He is very important to himself. He views himself as infinitely capable and fit for any task, no 
    matter the difficulty. He also views himself as someone who'd make a great leader, teacher, and parent. Meant for greatness. 

    Wishes: To live a life that would make for a good story. 

    Likes: Music, Rapping, Writing, Knowing other people's story/history, leading others, teaching others, learning, and
    fighting/sparring, loyalty, teams and organizations, aggressive females, seeing what his "lock" can do, ADDICTED to coffee.

    Dislikes: Those who never learn, immaturity, idealists, boredom, leading a boring life, really kind people, people
    who apologize all the time, remembering his past -> Summons some strange hatred to the CCG. (doesn't actually hate them).

    Hates: Not giving it his all.

    Reaction Scenarios: (describe how your character would normally think / react
    in these scenarios.)

    During Battle: Lyoid tries to remain relatively calm in battle, and will manage so as long as shit isn't going too 
    south. He's observant for opponent tendencies and weaknesses, as well of his own tendencies and weaknesses. After some analysis of what his foe is capable of, he will try to alter his style to best defeat them. Likes fighting 
    at a range. 

    During a Debate/Conference: Lyoid listens until he has a good point or a solid train of thought. Then, he'll enter and attempt to cease all other ideas by sniping the their illogical-bits and then presenting his own position and reasoning. Likes debates. 

    Facing really bad odds: Lyoid believes there is always some path to get out of / win a situation. He'll be thinking of ways to put the odds in his favor. And if he truly cannot change them, he'll accept the loss in the end. 
    Your Past
    History: Lyoid's last name isn't really Juichi. He decided to add that after he escaped his CCG research center, granted he addressed as the "11th test subject". He was there ever since he was an infant. His mother had been a ghoul captured during pregnancy who show exceptional power that was worth researching. The CCG found this a good time to test on adapting ghoul traits into other humans. After imprisoning his mother, Lyoid was shipped to a containment center. Some kid a tad older than him also showed up to talk to him. They'd often play together but, he only remembers his name being "Gio" and that he helped him escape when Lyoid was around the age of 10. He also remembers that the boy was punished severely, something about losing a limb. The CCG helped him fully escape from the facility and set him free, though he appreciates Gio's efforts the most. He presumed that he was the one who told him they should let him go. They were both supposed to be investigators when they grew older. Lyoid currently suspects that, assuming the boy survived, he's probably in the CCG as an investigator now.

    After escaping the containment center, Lyoid managed to hide and traverse the wards eating some human kids and teens here and there. He ran into a decent amount of ghouls though none of them were especially fond of cannibalizing a kid that would barely increase their power. Ofc, he didn't know that about cannibalization at the time. During this time, he did what he needed to survive. Even acting like a helpless kid in order to be taken in by a random and eat their families (Logical, get it? lmao) Lyoid soon learned that he was known as the infamous "11th", a ghoul who murdered Giorgio the 2nd / the previous source. He denied it whole way through, but eventually agreed to it in order to make people fear him and admire him, this way, he thought he could be attacked less, get food with less hassle, and possibly be able to make his own organization in the future. 

    Lyoid eventually found himself in the 21st ward and found a secret tunnel underground that led to a bunch more tunnels underground. At the end of this gigantic labyrinth was a place called the 24th ward, or the giant series of underground wards. Only ghouls lived down there and they spoke in an accent that Lyoid found difficult to understand at first. Initially, they wanted him gone and actively tried killing him. However, they were pretty weak like most ghouls, so opposing them wasn't hard. Around now, Lyoid was age 14. He finally established his dominance in the 24th ward and didn't have to kill any ghouls to do it either. He used underground city in the 24th ward underneath the 21st ward as a base of his. He lived there and has recently been thinking about working as a bounty hunter. Elsewise, he's laying low and also considering creating an organization in the future. 
    Roleplay Sample (200 words+)
    Approaching the 24th "Warders"

    "God damn, how far does this thing go?" Lyoid said, stretching his hand out into the infinite darkness of the underground tunnel. No scream no matter how loud could penetrate to the surface from here. The darkness exhaled a cold breath that rolled around his body, biting into him like icy needles. "Well," Lyoid shivered. "it beats having to run from the CCG daily." He marched forward. Every one of his footsteps rung out like a beacon to anyone's ear-dars. (ya know, ear-radars.) If those "dars" were listening, anyone would have heard him coming for miles. "Man, I hope this place is abandoned or something." Lyoid thought... a tad too early. He continued walking. The airflow suddenly felt off, as if it was flowing towards him from more than one source. "YoU..." a deep voice growled from the left. His voice was gravel and had a weird accent like his lips were pursed from eating the most sour lemon ever. Lyoid paused, "Time for a hostility check.", and looked in the man's direction. "Not looking for any trouble but, what is this place?" "No, HoW dId YoU FInd thIS pLAcE?" Lyoid relaxed himself in a wide-legged battle stance, being not tense, but ready. He had three options now. Those were either, 1: run like hell, 2: continue talking with this guy he could barely understand, or 3: kill him now. 

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    Bounty Hunting's such an odd job...

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    Re: Lyoid Juichi

    Post by Maraan on Sun Nov 26, 2017 9:57 pm


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    Re: Lyoid Juichi

    Post by Lyoid on Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:36 pm

    Lyoid carried out 1 launched of one attribute (Image not informed.) :

    Bounty Hunting's such an odd job...

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    Re: Lyoid Juichi

    Post by Lyoid on Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:37 pm

    Rolled 13 = no attribute, lel

    Bounty Hunting's such an odd job...

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    Re: Lyoid Juichi

    Post by Lyoid on Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:42 pm

    rolling for my kakuja early

    Lyoid carried out 1 launched of one attribute (Image not informed.) :

    Bounty Hunting's such an odd job...

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    Re: Lyoid Juichi

    Post by Lyoid on Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:43 pm

    Thank god, got Regen

    Bounty Hunting's such an odd job...

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    Re: Lyoid Juichi

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